EUNATUR ON, is the result of developing a product that harnesses the synergy of an exclusive blend of essential oils and natural active principles, which give it a unique identity.

An ally for those times when you need to recover your concentration and confidence for study or work, in a wholly natural way.
Its formulation contains only ECO-APPROVED INGREDIENTS.


Memory is of the greatest importance for everybody, and especially for students and work requiring close attention.

Thanks to our memory we can recall figures, dates, numbers, etc.... during a study session, which facilitates the task of learning for us.


Helping us to relax and concentrate.
Technically, this is called olfactory gnosis.

The different volatile aromatic molecules penetrate the nostrils and are transformed into nerve impulses which reach the olfactory bulb, a region of the brain belonging to the limbic system, where the information is encoded.

The brain receives and processes the information so that it can then be stored. In other words, during the encoding phase, the information is carried to our brain by our senses, and is stored as an entity with significance. This will enable us to return to it and make it available to other cognitive systems.

The brain retains a smell (olfactory sensation) better than any other sense stimulus.

The olfactory bulb receives this information and distributes it to different parts of the brain, above all the limbic system. The amygdala, an organ of the limbic system, connects this aroma with an emotion, and the hippocampus relates the aroma to a memory.


Among others, it is formulated with essential oils of great nobility such as Cedar and Rosemary, both because of the ancient tradition of these essences and because of their modern scientific backing.

Our most profound instincts are stimulated by the sense of smell.

The sense of smell has been the most enigmatic of our senses for a long time. These days, the work of the scientific community is taking great strides.

It has been found that the tail of the sperm cell contains the same kinds of proteins as those in the nose which bind to scent molecules. It is suggested that the protein "smells" messages from the egg cell, thus allowing the sperm to find it.

Researchers from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.

in the United Kingdom, have shown for the first time that a mammal starts to suck its mother's milk after learning her unique combination of smells. At birth, the baby is exposed to the smell of its mother's amniotic fluid, and then reacts to that smell to feed itself. The finding was published in 'Current Biology'.

Richard Axel y Linda Buck,

Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2004

"We memorise what we smell 7 times better than what we see."